Doakan semua murid 6 Cekap dapat 5A ya :)..Thank you ,

i get a trophy!!

the results has come..i get number 2 in the exam!no 1 is nabihah,no 3 is hanis..i am so and my friends,faqihah,haizatul,hani,husna,umairah,..and the others except hanis did a concert of kalam jamaie!we get presents on Monday.i am so happy!!


Parrot is one of the most intelligent bird species.They can be found in tropical countries.Most parrots are green but other parrots are also multi-coloured.

Parrots have strong curved bills to crack nuts and seeds.Their upright posture,strong legs,and clawed *zygodactyls feet enable them to walk on tree branches.

Parrots are omnivores.they eat seeds,nuts,fruit and buds.A few species of parrots feed on insects,small animals and nectar from flowers.Almost all parrots nest in tree holes and lay white eggs.Baby parrots are called chicks.

Wild parrots are endangered because of hunting and habitat loss. Illegal hunters catch parrots to be sold as pets.People like to keep parrots because they are beautiful and some parrots species can imitate sounds and human voices.

So everyone,let's not keep parrots as pets!They should live freely in nature

*zygodactyls Feet=toes arranged in two opposite pairs,two in front and two in the rear

the library

today i went to the library with my friends,inside the library there's a petrosains.the petrosains is best.i wish i could go there again.