Doakan semua murid 6 Cekap dapat 5A ya :)..Thank you ,

I Went To A'Famosa Water Park!!!!

Iwent to A'Famosa water park at 2 Dicember 2010.I went with my cousins.My family was at KL.I went to a swimming pool with waves.When the horn start,that's mean the waves is coming.And i went to the swimming pool park.there's a swing and many slides!I also went to a swimming pool that castle! There are huge statue of a snake.there are 2 castle's one castle is big and one castle is small.i like the big castle because there is a high slide!but its not high until we can see from outside.there are two high slides.the big castle also got lots of stairs to go to the slide.the small castle has slides to!but not high.i also went a swimming pool under a bridge!it's like a lake.there's a place with a very high slide.but i can't cousins dont let it..this is the first time i went to A'Famosa.i hope could go there again.