Doakan semua murid 6 Cekap dapat 5A ya :)..Thank you ,

pls follow me okay?? :D

pls follow me :DD click the +follow above the photo that had a book infront of her kay?? :3


hey guys,how are u?? XD......i am so happy that i've got a new baby sister's been a long time since i want a baby sister u know?? XD ok bye :L

My lil' sister :DD

hi everyone!! she is my new lil' sister!! she is a very special lil' sister because she was born at 31 august 2012,Malaysian Merdeka Day that it's alwready 55 years this i hope she can grew healthy :DD...okay bye!!

Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Is it too late to say Selamat Hari Raya?? I hope not :)...pls forgive me if i've annoy u or making ur feelings hurt ok?? u know Hari Raya was celebrate by Islams after a month fasting??u have to fast for a month without leaving it..if u leave it u will have to fast at other days but not in bulan ramadhan and the 1st syawal

HEy there

hey everyone it's been a long time since i didn't post in my my school had celebrate merdeka day for tomorrow...we don't go to school tomorrow because it is Malaysia's National's so fun!!!!...see my school website at ok??