Doakan semua murid 6 Cekap dapat 5A ya :)..Thank you ,

Good Evening *Part 2*

today my father's friend from Korea came here :D....haha..

Good Evening is the last syawal,the hari raya aidilfitiri was only at the 1st day of syawal for ur information,am ir ight?? is today the last syawal?..well my mom says so :D ok bye~

Good Afternoon

Hey! i know i dont post much lately...cause i'm have to babysit my sis :DD....welll last night....she can't sleep well...she screamed(cried) then stop,then she continues.....i try to pretend that i'm not hearing anything...then i fell asleep cause i'm so tired :D haha school i always borrow some novels from syazana and comics from aqillah :D..cause i dont buy books much lately...but my father brang me to the bookshop after brother bought Treasure Hunting In Germany..and i bought a book that tells about werwolf...a comic book..but had some science info in it :DD love that book XDD

_This is My Story_

i'm Aineen Sofea, 11 years....i like to read books....this biodata is for who just view my blog :3......OK...back to my part....i live in Malaysia at Johor ok?? and i went to school at Sk Sri Pulai Perdana :D....BYE~~


hi guys,, i can't post to much at school days :/...have to help my mom and do my homeworkes......kk bye~~

~~~~Videos meyhhh Part 2*~~~~

ok Part 2* :D

i'll upload some drama movies too ~~

Buletin Cinta

Sabar Tak Sabar

Dua Dalam Satu

ok that's all for now :D


thanks to Aina Farahin....she put the online user[s] :DD thanks~~~

~Videos meyhh~

i'll just put some videos here

this is a funny video XD

ok now what more?


Malay Time!!! Sekolah..Merdeka

Hari khamis tu kitorang sambut hari,5cekap dan 4 cekap kena wat persembahan......lepastu nyanyi ramai2....bersemangat lak tu.....hehe~~.....

Selepas hari khamis tu baby lahir :DD hari merdeka lak tuhh........wartawan dtng nak interviu.... XD....dpt la hamper..hamper baby ngan hamper makanan..lepastu kena tunggu baby buang air baru boleh balik..adik baru tu baik tapi nakal :I hahaha :D......okayy laa bye~~~

~~ My Book List ~~

ok here's my book list but it's too's like more than i'll tell some of em

-Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

-Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever

-Guid Blyton-The Put-Em-Right

-Guid Blyton-The Little Lost Hen

-Guid Blyton-The Greedy Rabbit

-Guid Blyton-The Wishing Wand

-Guid Blyton-Big-Eyes the Enchanter

-Guid Blyton-Don't Be Silly Mr Twiddle!

-Enid Blyton-Tales of Toyland

-Enid Blyton-Books of Brownies

GOLD-Cinderella Cleaners (Change of a Dress)

GOLD-Cinderella Cleaners (Prep Cool)

Dear Dumb Diary year two# -School.Hasn't This Gone On Long Enough??

some of em' are malay :)

Siri Ana Solehah-Siri 3: Tawa dan Air Mata

Siri Ana Solehah-Siri 9: Bintang dan Permata

Siri Ana Solehah-Siri 10: Debaran Di Hati Ana

Siri Ana Solehah-Siri 12: Kasih Ana Di Kuala Lumpur

Siri Ana Solehah-Siri 17: Terima Kasih Ana!

Siri Komik Ana Muslim (1)

Siri Komik Ana Muslim-Pada Suatu Hari

Ok i think that's enough.....too much books to tell XD


visit this blog to shop :D

My Story :PP my lil' sister is sleeping as usual...and i'm posting to my blog and playing facebook as lil bro is playing computer games as XD.....I know some of the posts in my blog are malay...JUST SOME OF EM'.... is it too large?? XD hehe....well i like to read novels....ENGLISH AND MALAY NOVELS!..ESPECIALLY DIARY OF A WIMPY KID....big huh :PP.........

I would like to share a song :D

i like to hear this song...why don't you hear it too??

:) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:)

Assalammualaikum To Everyone

Assalammualaikum.....i would like to share u a scarf tutorial :D

and one more

try it :D

Please comment~~

hey guys pls comment click the love drops above a post....... well,do you like my blog? if u like follow my blog or view it :D

My Bffs

heyy~ this are my Bffs some from my old school and some from my new school

1. Hanis Sufiyah
2.Wan Nur Irdina
3.Nurr Aida
4.Nur Faqihah Aiman
5.Aina Farahin
6.Zetty Ezatty
7.Farah Nabila
8.Dania Rasyiqah
9.Nur Aqilah Natasya
10.Nur Bahriah

ok that's all for now~~~~

For your information *Correction*

look like my friend edited the owner....but i dont like romantic movies much,and i was born at 7 August    by the way i'm wearing the white baju kurung XD

Here's A Song Part 3*

This song from Pumped up tracher also made up the lyrics for English week

English is something fun,
We play and learn at the same time,
Come my friend and join the fun,
Don't be scared hole my hands and fly,


All the other kids
say english is fun
say english is fun
say english is fun

All the other kids
want to join in the fun 
want to join in the fun
want to join in the fun

ok that's all for now ;D

Here's A Song Part 2*

From Some nights,my teacher made up the lyrics and this song is for English week to :D

Some nights we stay up thingking bout our future
Some night we just didn't care
Some nights we wish English isn't scary
Some night we wish it is easy

But we stil wake up we still se our hope
Oh friend i'm still not sure
what you're afraid of

Ooo oo...oh my english oh my english oh oo
ooo oo...oh my english oh my english oh oo

Part 3 coming up~~~ :3

Here's A Song

From We Are Young.....but my teacher make the lyrics

Today,we are young
So let's set our aim higher,
And try to be better
So lets go (x2)

Now i know that i know that
I'm not,all that you got
I guess that i
Should try
To be the best and beat everyone else
So let's raise our hands
And sing out loud
That we could be the best among the best

This song is for English week at my school :D more to come ~~

Look :D

i'm wearing the blue shirt while beside me is my friend named Zetty Ezzaty :D

This is the kalam jama'ie gang :D

i'm at the middle holding that phone :3


2001 pageviews...Nice!!! that's when i was born :DD

Someone give me an idea??

ok now...i dont know what to post..........i'm out of ideas!!! but anyway go to this blog that is my best friend's blog! hey hanis come to my house to see my new lil' sister if ur reading my blog :D

Maher Zain

I like Maher Zain's songs's amazing :'D....... try to hear it :DD

My Vocabulary *Part 2*

hey guys >.< now let's continue to my vocabulary :3



Awak nak apa?=what do you want?

Saya suka=I like




ok that's now bye~ >.<~ :3


Any questions?? ask me :D i will try my best to help you :D



i'm so sorry

i'm so sorry if u can't comment.....idk how to do tht :( sooo sorry

My Vocabulary :DD

hey everyone!! wanna see my vocabulary??


Bagaimana saya hendak ke sana?=How to go here?

Saya hendak ke tandas=I want to go to the toilet


ok that's now :PP i'll update more :DD


Dream high...yep..but not too high XDD

like the song??

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pls watch this video :DD

My Story :D

Today my friends went to my home to see my new lil' cute sister :D...they say my lil' sister is cute....:DD okay see u later :D

hi guys :D

Good morning,Good morning,good mooorning,in Malaysia it's already morning u know? how bout' ur country?